Elenor Hellis (B. 1993 UK) is a visual artist living and working in London. Hellis currently shares a studio with three others at ACME studios in Stratford.

Hellis is member of London based collective CLUSTER BOMB [collective], and has assisted and collaborated in some of the Performances that have taken place throughout 2014.

Hellis' practice deals mostly with her own personal and intimate themes, whether is it is the hypernarcissm of her own body, an investigation into Northala Fields (a local park when she lived in Northolt as a teenager).

Hellis mostly works within the media of Performance and Film to explore re-enactments and gestures that explore her own personal aswell as universally shared embarrassment and shame.

Her most recent work 'DAD/CRASH', explores the use of oculus rift technology as she invites the audience to step into her mind inside a crash helmet, in which the audience revisit childhood memories of her father's paintings. The audience are exposed to her estranged relationship in with her father in which the identity of her father and the women in the paintings are questioned. 

In her 'bodycamera' series she attempts to capture every crevice and detail, with every image capturing device possible, ranging from scanners, bolex cameras, USB endoscopes and gopro cameras with eyelashes.

In her 'FOREIGN BODIES' series she attempts to extract as many specimens of her body that could be possibly removed and observes and isolates them in a microscopic landscape.

Her 'JUST A PRETTY LANDFILL' series is an ongoing investigation, of the land-use in London within a post-Olympic context. In which she discusses themes of Olympic Legacy.

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